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Wall mounted ozone generator with remote control

- Ozone production: 10g/h
- Electrical: 230Vac
- Power: 150 watts
- Air fan volume: 390 mc/h
- Outbound air speed: 5mt/sec
- Timer: Programmed 1 hour of continuous dispensing for environments up to 2000 mc
- Noise: @1mt 55 dB (A)
- Size: LXPXH 500x130x190 (mm)
- Remote: ON/OFF function (*)
- Weight: 2kg
- CE Certificate
(*) The remote control allows you to turn on the wall mounted ozone generator and turn it off by the
manager. If you activate only the generator will turn off automatically after the factory delay time. On
request, the possibility of planning Custom time delay of ozone production.

As low as €800.00

The wall mounted ozone generator has been designed for a sanitization of the rooms in a continuous and
planned way: it is usually activated during the evening or night closing (in the absence of people or animals
inside the room to be sanitized), in order to finding the next day a completely sanitized environment. The
decay time, for the concentration that is obtained in the hour of dispensing, (at least 3 hours), will make
sure that in the morning the concentration is below the legal limit . If the room is smaller in cubage, it is
suggested to insert an external programmable timer and switch the ozone generator to the line "ON/OFF"
function only.
The flow and speed of the air, generated by a powerful internal tangential fan, allows the ozone produced
throughout the environment to be treated, ensuring a homogeneity of ozone concentration in such a way
as to achieve uniform sanitization throughout the treated environment, both in the air, in the surfaces and,
by better infiltrating air, even in the not easy accessible places.
The internal timer has been pre-settled, depending on the grams of the generator's dispensing and of the
cubage of the environment to be treated, in order to obtain the right concentration of ozone for proper
and effective total sanitization. On average, for a cubage of 2000 cubic meters, and depending on the
conformation of the area to be treated, 45 minutes of ozone production are more than sufficient for a
proper concentration of sanitization.

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