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The Research and Design Group
The research and design group that currently makes up an area of the Semiteco
Company was created in the year 2000. The members of the group, strong of past
experience, gained in contact with manufacturing industries for the production of
semiconductors, and with the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, have
developed production equipment of process improvement compared to existing
ones, meeting the increasingly high-performing needs required by manufacturing
The group also deals with technological innovations, their development and their
applications in the production field.

The group designs, builds and installs industrial process equipment as briefly below:
1- Banks of chemical process etch for the semiconductor, chemical,
pharmaceutical and solar industries.
2- Clean room accessories
3- Air treatment scrubbers, both vertical and horizontal from PVC to fiberglass.
4- Automatic degassing ovens, vacuum and thermal cycles.
5- Automatic transfer systems and related control,

6- Floor leak detection systems, emergency showers, centralized with alarms
and intercom.
7- Thermal stress cabinets for semiconductor manufacturing industries.
8- Dedicated equipment according to the needs of customers
Over the years, the Semiteco Company has gained a strong track record in the
control and prevention of electrostatic charges in the equipment production area
and work areas.
With its own instrumentation, it maps the work area and the concentration of
electrostatic discharges to the customer, implementing all the actions necessary for
elimination or reduction. Our "noses" and sensors, are able to determine the
formation of electrostatic charges throughout the day, also inside the process
equipment, in order to be able to implement all the prevention measures to
eliminate. With our equipment we can identify all the electromagnetic
interferences, which very often generate the stop of the equipment for no apparent
logical reason, and solve the problem by implementing specific measures according
to the type of work and the sector of work.

Hydroponics and Aeroponics
In 2010, the design and maintenance group, grew to include the field of agri-food
sector: the Company has a dedicated "clean room", where it simulates growth
processes using the technique of hydroponics and aeroponics, giving to the final
Customer the greenhouse design, equipment, control and, of course, the process
and related maintenance of the plants if required.
Preservation and sanitization of products with OZONE of its own construction
In an effort to increase the life of products in agri-food (shelf life), the group has
already design an automatic system for the generation of controlled ozone for cold
storage areas and for the different varieties that make up the diverse world of agri-
food, with results quite comforting or near the excellent. The systems are entirely
designed and built in our Company's laboratories.

Ozone in the civil sector
In the civil sector, the Company has designed and built generators both fixed and
portable, innovative in their function and application, always taking into account
their ultimate purpose: safety in sanitization, sanitizing all environments and all
surfaces even in places less accessible by other replacement techniques, ensuring
the uniformity of concentration and the right distribution in the three dimensions of
the area to be treated of the ozone generated , ensure air movement and contact
times, etc... Etc...
All these parameters are applied in our ozone generators that can be both manual
or highly automated with the relevant sensors for dedicated applications.
The application fields of our products are mainly:
1- Waiting rooms of medical labs.
2- Bars, restaurants, kitchens, canteens, workshops in general.
3- Shops, offices, industrial Plant.
4- Meeting rooms and hotel rooms.
5- Centralized air treatment.
6- Both public and private transport.
7- Ambulances, campers, caravans
8- Domestic environments.
We do also Dedicated and personalized design according to the needs of customers
From the year 2000 to the year 2020, by carrying out various corporate structures,
the Company today can be said to compete for the purpose for which it was born.
Consulting and professional courses
The Company for all their activities offers its consulting and supervision "in situ" in
order to be able to design and develop products that meet the production needs of
all Customers.
The Company also carries out training courses with customers for its own
construction equipment, maintenance techniques and predictive analysis, and
courses for the prevention and management of electrostatic charges.

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